Corporate Finance

Trade Finance

We help facilitate the growth of Business, by securing funds to purchase goods & stocks to manage working capital with ease. This would help unlock the capital from a company’s existing stock or receivables, by further finance facilities based on the company’s trade cycle. This would help and give competitive terms to both suppliers and customers by reducing payment gaps. Appended are few products we help with,

  • Purchase order Finance
  • Stock finance
  • Structured commodity finance
  • Invoice finance (Discounting & Factoring)
  • Supply Chain finance
  • Letter of credit

Structured Finance

Structured Finance can aid Companies to restructure their debts and free up working capital to make use of the liquid funds as efficient as possible. The Structured finance are best suitable for companies the operates in different location and caters business Globally. Structured Finance is designed specifically to meet unique capital needs which are not covered under traditional lending. Fingrow helps you to design new funding instruments to increase the cash flow and mutate the liquidity structure of the Balance sheet through different Sophisticated products tailor made for the clients need.

Some of the Structured Finance products are

  • Leveraged Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Export credit Agency Finance
  • Real-estate Finance
  • Securitization / Mortgage backed securities
  • Syndicated Loans

Start-up Funding

Fingrow Supports Start-up Companies with a potential business idea. We evaluate the start-up project and analyse the feasibility and revenue model of the project. We facilitate the company from seed funding to the round of series A, Series B and Series C funding these terms are referring to the process of growing a business through outside investment.

The Round of funding available to start-ups, depending upon the type of industry and the level of interest of the investors.


When a Company is experiencing Financial difficulty, which needs a turnaround strategy to resolve the burden. Fingrow helps the client with various options such as restructuring their debts.

Being Management Consultants, we also help the client to restructure through changing the business model, improved marketing and sales plan for the future to transform it for the better.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation process of combining more than one debt obligation into a new structured loan with a better interest rate and favourable tenure for repayment. The proceeds from the new loan will be used to pay off the old loans and anything over and above will be used as by the company for any working capital purposes. We facilitate our clients to avail the same with a attractive loan structure through our partner banks and financial institution.

  • Private Equity

Our work with PE draws on our expertise in business strategy consulting, performance improvement advice, global reach and deep industry knowledge. We deliver forward-looking strategic insights with the singular aim of helping clients achieve superior investment returns.

Private equity firms typically require fast turnaround in short timeframes, and our ability to consistently deliver robust, analytically informed insights in fast-moving market conditions sets us apart from other consulting firms.

  • Distress Funding

Financial Distress is a position in which a company cannot generate sufficient income or revenues, making it unable to pay its financial obligations. Distressed funding or turnaround financing through External commercial borrowings from Foreign or equity investments helps these kinds of companies as funding through banks are very remote. Our insolvency professional partners are well equipped and experienced in Distressed funding to revive your lost business.


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